Paper Project Page Code

Step 1: 3D Scanning. Follow the to record a 3D scan (.ply).

Instructions Here we provide instructions for recording 3D scans using the "3D Scanner App" for iPhone or iPad with a Lidar sensor (3D meshes recorded with other devices are also welcome). For privacy reasons, please do not record people, remove any personal objects from the scene, and only record on locations where you have permission to do so.

Step 2: 3D Semantic Segmentation. Upload your 3D scan below to obtain the semantic segmentation.

Step 3: Results. For the processed scans, we provide:
- visualizations
- per-point labels (following the ScanNet format).


Below, we show 3D semantic segmentation results of Mix3D and MinkowskiNet on "in-the-wild" scenes uploaded by users across the world. The models are trained on the ScanNet dataset.

Cabinet Bed Chair Sofa Table Door Window Bookshelf Picture Counter Desk Curtain
Refrigerator Bathtub Shower curtain Toilet Sink Other furniture